Samy el Magico

portrait_samySamy el Magico, professor, event organizer and Founder and President of the France based dance school Art & Dance Academy, the dance school offers 12 genres and is famous for it’s teaching pedagogy. .

Samy el Magico has became one of the most talented and wanted instructors of France, especially in the BachataUrbano and autentic Dominican style bachata.

The dance and the music has always been a big part of his life. He arrived in Paris 2001 as a DJ and event organizer, 2006 he started the first Latin club « El Quartier Latin » and throws the first bachata workshops. Being surrounded by South American artists he creates the events DominGo Loco, Home Of Bachata, Lady Loca, Festival 1,2, Troyes, concerts and show accommodates. He wins various competitions of Bachata in France and becomes a finalist to « King of Bachata ».

The passion is present in his teaching, as well as pedagogy, cheerfulness and the atmosphere. He specializes in the musicality of the autentic Dominican style bachata and develops the BachataUrbana. He has visited Dominican republic, the country where bachata was born, many times to learn not only the tricks, but also the whole culture including the diversity in the way they dance. He works today in partnership with numerous Dominican artists, instructors and musicians, to which he is bound by a profound friendship. He participated the DR 1st Bachata Festival and became the key partner for the DR 2nd and DR 3rd.

Samy el Magico is the Partner of the Dominican Republic Bachata Festival organized by Bachata Ambassador. Samy participated the DR 1st Bachata Festival. His passion to the Dominican way was evident. He absorbed the art of autentic Dominican style bachata and since them he has given endless amount of autentic bachata classes.

Samy was honoured as one of the best autentic Dominican style bachata instructor in the DR 2nd. Samy knows in addition to the fancy footwork also the other aspects of autentic and he has created excellent ways to explain the most important thing – the musicality and how to dance to the music. Bachata Ambassador admires his innovativity. He created and realized the Bachata Big Brother with great success. Samy is one of the leading forces of the world autentic bachata industry.

Samy el Magico has been teaching and performing in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Belgium, Dominican Republic and United States. During his world tours he has done programs for the television channels TV7, Channel 34, Univision and TV Estrell. He produced his first DVD BACHATEAME MAMI during his tour in California. He has danced for the famous bachata artists such as Teodore Reyes, Luis Miguel Del Amargue, El Pequeno de la Bachata, Joan Soriano, Bachata Heightz, Voz has Voz and Evidence.

« Bachateame French Kiss » is his new dance company to do the world tours. You’ll find Samy in New York, Dominican Republic, Poland, Finland, Holland and everywhere in France of course !!