Latin dance french cup

coupe de France



Bachata French Kiss organise the second regional championship for the 2016/2017 season, for the French Dance Federation.


Sunday March 12th 2017, at 2:00pm, in the “Hotel de Ville de Troyes”

1) French cups


Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba are nowadays recognized as an official Dance Sport. The French Dance Federation is a member of the World Dance Sport Federation who referenced this dances.

The FFD (French Dance Federation), which was created by Sports government, has decided to structur those disciplines.
1) Les coupes de France

In 2017, the Federation organize three French Cups :

–       In Marseille, January 21th, a regional championship

–       In Troyes, March 12th, a regional championship

–       In Rennes, March 18th, a national championship


Each Championship has three categories : Salsa adult couple, Bachata adult couple and Kizomba Adult Couple

For Adult Salsa Category,  the winner couple will represente French in the National French Team after a selection between three finalist of this three competitions. In July of 2013, Salsa was for the first time represented in Mondial Games organized by CIO (International Olympic Comity) in Cali-Colombia. In July 28th and 29th of 2017, salsa will be represented again as an official discipline during next Mondial Games in Wroclaw Pologne.

2) How to participate


Who ?

-Every French Dancers, doesn’t matter the region they are living they can participate in all French Cups.

-For 2016-2017 season, no qualifications are needed. So you can participate to the national cup without participate at the regional one.

– Age criteria -> take a look in rules

How ?

– You need to be part of a federal structure affiliated to the FFDanse


If your structure is already affiliated, yearly price is 19€

If your structure is not affiliated to the FFD but it is ok for you to be affiliated, yearly price is 65€.

To know all affiliated structures go to :

If needed, you can contact

When ?

-Inscriptions are possible until Thursday March 9th at midnight. The competition will start at 2pm and take place in the “Hotel de Ville de Troyes”


Rules : You ABSOLUTELY need to read the internal rules who defines eligibility criterias, how will go the competition and preparation actions for each participant. You can find it on:


4) Complementary informations


You can access to the competition for free with your FFD affiliation proof. All accompagnants can assist to the competition, with a 10€ charge.