About « Bachata French Kiss » …

Bachata French Kiss started 5 years ago as a French Festival name, organized by Samy el Magico. Quickly, Samy bring his brand all around the world, making “Bachata French Kiss” a worldwide known dance brand.

Nowadays, Bachata French Kiss is a company that promotes Latin dances all around the world by teaching in congresses, organizing teacher courses and certifications, managing and organizing events and more… We currently produce events in France, Netherland, Tunisia and Dominican Republic.

Samy is known for his event organization career for more than 10 years. We are recognized for our family approach by our attendees and artists we work with, our values, our pedagogy and the quality of our events that mix live music, differents kind of music and dance and workshops by the best instructors in the world.

The Company have produced over 20 dance and music festivals, thousands of night parties in France, Netherland, USA and Dominican Republic. Our mission is to continue expanding Latin dances and cultures all around the world providing best quality.